Lone Buffalo, Inc.

Lone Buffalo provides white-glove editorial services to the Fortune 500.  By fully understanding Lone Buffalo’s business, I was able to structure their data robustly, delivering maximum value to their clients.  Utilizing vendor agnostic best practices, Lone Buffalo now helps Corporate Communications from Wall Street to Los Angeles tame the news.

Bulldog Fabricating, Inc.

Bulldog Fabricating ensures efficient machine operations in industries ranging from auto manufacturing to consumer goods.  Oil, water, and air Filtration is the key to smooth functioning machines.  Given the breadth and complexity of industry, knowing the right filter for the right application can be challenging.   Bulldog excels in solving this problem.  I designed a MS SQL Server database application that accurately captures Bulldog’s expertise allowing them to provide their clients unparalleled value.

Hirons and Associates

Hirons and Associates specializes in the complex accounting associated with large real estate facilities.   Operations managing millions of square feet can be overwhelmed with data.  By fully understanding Hirons unique approach to depreciation, I designed a database that accurately reflected the useful life of these complex facilities.